You want a sport boat with a unique design ? You like fun on and under the water ?

The SPORT EDITION is definitely made for you!

With his specific hull designed to accept from 300 to 400HP, the Platypus sport edition will allow you to surf at the surface up to 30 knots and go beyond 6 knots underwater thanks to the specific Plexiglas bulb protecting you and your passengers from the water flow, allowing fun both above and under the water!


Aluminium and Fiber

Lenght: 9 Meters

Width: 2, 95 Meters


Battery life up to 120 movements up and down + 8 hours of autonomy Hookah system.

2 separated 12V  batteries parks, 900amp the total.

6 Passengers

1 pilot + 5 passengers within the limit of 400 kg on the submersible pod


Value for a displacement of 4 people depending propulsion

Navigation Area

34 Knots (2*100 HP – gas engine)

40 Knots (2*200 HP – gas engine)

Underwater Navigation

> 6 Knots (approx. 10 Km/h)


Light Displacement: 2450 Kgs

Draught in surface mode:  0, 40 Meters

Draught max water. Submarine mode: 1,70 Meters



  • Lack painting (specific painting on demand)
  • Double Air compressor (hookah system) with 6 air hoses on the pod
  • Mobile central hull designed for 6 people Surface / Diving
  • Full detailing& equipment (cleat, anchor, strake, seats, footstraps and belts for driver and passengers ..) including a full beautiful “craft finishing” : aluminum dashboard, vinyl upholstery…
  • Propeller cages
  • Digital periscope (necessary for having certification f the ship as a boat)
  • Plexiglas windshield
  • Speedometer, ecosonar, rev meter, board computer,12 v battery gauge
  • Submarine lights: 2 spots with 10 leds
  • Soft awning
  • Shower kit
  • Radio with 4 speakers
  • Specific high speed hull (length 9,m, hydrodynamic arms to handle the central hull)
  • Power: 2*150 HP gas engines (option 2*200 HP)
  • Sport edition detailing & equipment
    • specific adhesive, cushion, black metal painted elements, …
    • Specific seats & backrests, specific 4 points harness
    • More instruments to control engines & speed
    • Anti-collision alarm (beeper underwater)
  • 4 Submarine high power projector lights 40 leds each (2 front, 2 down)
  • Full bulb cockpit 6 people, 1 pilot + 5 passengers
  • Masks & Communication system Underwater (Ocean Reef)
  • Premium Radio (with 8 speakers and a subwoofer)
  • Rigid awning
  • Additional ballast in lateral hulls



  • Max Power: 2*200 HP gas engines (40 knots expected)
  • Full led underwater lights “UFO Style”
  • Underwater Cameras
  • Waterproof pad with GPS connection
  • CE Certification
  • Trawler

Platypus Base Bleu 004_HD

Discover the BLUE LAGOON

The BLUE LAGOON represents the DNA of the original platypus concept, with a blue and a whole equipment allowing a resort or a leisure operator to offer to their customers the whole ability of Platypus: navigate with 5 passengers on or under the surface.

Platypus Luxe vert 004_HD

Discover the YACHT EDITION

If you are looking for a tender for your yacht with a disruptive design, high class standards and a unique capacity being both a tender and a toy, allowing you to invite your passengers to discover shallow waters from down under, don’t search anymore: the YACHT EDITION is made for you !

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