Tourism & Leisure

As a trailblazer of the semi-submersible world, the Platypus has ingnited a strong enthusiasm for resorts and diving centers located in paradise lagoons and bay. They have identified in the Platypus concept the possibility of a great source of revenue, an extraordinary communication tool and a very new way to invite any tourist to discover the underwater world.

The Platypus brings to anyone, experienced diver or not, the possibility to discover the world of diving.

The concept addresses everyone’s need: it allows the novice to discover diving, the pro to explore the underwarter world with a different sensation and thus optimize their diving time in bottles, the archaeologist to discover wrecks, etc.

One of the most promising identified leisure application is the use of the boat for sustainable tourism:  as anybody can discover the beauty of the seabed, anybody can be exposed to the environmental issues, and even participate actively in protecting it : identify the flora and fauna, identify the macro-waste pollution, especially plastics, and if the passengers have a diving license, collect it: passengers can hop off the Platypus underwater  to swim to the seabed, collect the garbage and bring it back to the boat.

Having fun thanks to technology, break the limit and be part of a global challenge to clean the ocean: what else?

Also, because we aim to offer the possibility of diving to anyone, Platypus allows people with handicap to dive safely and easily. Adaptations in the form of equipment are being designed in collaboration with our Ambassador Handiplongée, Philippe STREIFF, former F1 driver, who became quadriplegic and now technical adviser to the interdepartmental delegate to the Road safety.