Tourism & Leisure

As a pioneer of the semi-submersible world, the Platypus creates a strong enthusiasm for resorts and diving centers at the edge of paradise lagoons and bay who see the product as a source of revenue as an extraordinary communication tool to make tourists enjoy the wonders of-marines.

The Platypus allows you to discover the world of diving to any person, diver or not, valid or not, beginner or pro. It has an interest in each type of person, it helps the novice to discover the diving, the pro to explore the diving areas easily and thus optimize your diving time in bottles, the archaeologist to discover wrecks, etc.

One of the most promising identified leisure application is the use of the boat for sustainable tourism: to transport tourists underwater to allow them to see the beauty of the seabed, but also to raise awareness of the environment problems, to make an inventory of the fauna and flora, to identify the macro-waste pollution, especially plastics, or even collect it.

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