If you are looking for a tender for your yacht with a disruptive design, high class standards and a unique capacity being both a tender and a toy, allowing you to invite your passengers to discover shallow waters from down under, don’t search anymore: the Platypus YACHT EDITION is made for you !

With this craft, you will be able to transport your passengers in another dimension, on or under the water


Aluminium and Fiber

Lenght: 9 Meters

Width: 2, 95 Meters


Battery life up to 120 movements up and down + 8 hours of autonomy Hookah system.

2 separated 12V  batteries parks, 900amp the total.

8 Passengers

1 pilot + 7 passengers within the limit of 400 kg on the submersible pod


Value for a displacement of 4 people depending propulsion

Navigation Area

34 Knots (2*100 HP – gas engine)

40 Knots (2*200 HP – gas engine)

Underwater Navigation

> 6 Knots (approx. 10 Km/h)


Light Displacement: 2250 Kgs (gas engine) – 2950 Kgs (electric engine)

Draught in surface mode:  0, 40 Meters

Draught max water. Submarine mode: 1,80 Meters


The YACHT EDITION is made on the full speed hull of the SPORT EDITION, gathering all its equipment but is adding many specificities to distinguish your platypus from others:

  • Yacht painting, full leather cockpit, carbon underwater dashboard.
  • Double Air compressor (hookah system) with 6 air hoses on the pod
  • Mobile central hull designed for 6 people Surface / Diving
  • Full detailing& equipment (cleat, anchor, strake, seats, footstraps and belts for driver and passengers ..) including a full beautiful “craft finishing” : aluminum dashboard, vinyl upholstery…
  • Propeller cages
  • Digital periscope (necessary for having certification f the ship as a boat)
  • Plexiglas windshield
  • Speedometer, ecosonar, rev meter, board computer,12 v battery gauge
  • Submarine lights: 2 spots with 10 leds
  • Soft awning
  • Shower kit
  • Radio with 4 speakers
  • Specific high speed hull (length 9,m, hydrodynamic arms to handle the central hull)
  • Power: 2*150 HP gas engines (option 2*200 HP)
  • Sport edition detailing & equipment
    • specific adhesive, cushion, black metal painted elements, …
    • Specific seats & backrests, specific 4 points harness
    • More instruments to control engines & speed
    • Anti-collision alarm (beeper underwater)

  • 4 Submarine high power projector lights 40 leds each (2 front, 2 down)
  • Full bulb cockpit 6 people, 1 pilot + 5 passengers
  • Masks & Communication system Underwater (Ocean Reef)
  • Premium Radio (with 8 speakers and a subwoofer)
  • Rigid awning
  • Additional ballast in lateral hulls
  • Underwater Audio system
  • Waterproof pad with GPS connection
  • Solar rigid Awning integrating a cabin like on the rear platform

Platypus Base Bleu 004_HD

Discover the BLUE LAGOON

The BLUE LAGOON represents the DNA of the original platypus concept, with a blue and a whole equipment allowing a resort or a leisure operator to offer to their customers the whole ability of Platypus: navigate with 5 passengers on or under the surface.

Platypus Sport Black 004_HD

Discover the SPORT EDITION

You want a sport boat with a unique design ? You like fun on and under the water ?

The SPORT EDITION is definitely made for you!

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