The luxury market is booming, and so is the yachting market and its derivatives, the so-called tender annexes and the “toys” for the rich, especially the pocket submarines, commonly known as “toys”.

If this market explodes, it is limited by 3 factors:

  • Unbridled competition on tenders, almost all boat builders and yachts are in this very buoyant market, the differentiating factors are therefore crucial
  • A strong usage limit for toys: having a submersible creates difficulties such as launching, piloting – it takes special skills to use them – and the limit¬†
  • Finally the limit of space on a boat, as big as it is strong, it takes room for tender and toy, not to mention the means of lifting and storage duplicated with all that this generates in terms of cost, maintenance …


A yachting version called SWORDFISH of the platypus with great design capable of great performance with electric power and comfort on the water (the trimaran design gives it immense stability) combined with its semi-submersible capability for 6 people would make this craft the perfect toy of the rich, not to mention its James Bond side.

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