The Platypus

The dream of a boat able to navigate both on and under the surface

The Platypus is a revolutionary nautical concept able to navigate on surface or under water, allowing a totally new experience to explore the seas, rivers, and lakes.



The problem of plastic in nature, particularly in our oceans, is a global crisis. We consider at platypus craft that the source of the problem is partly alongside the coastline, in shallow waters. The platypus is a perfect exploration tool to detect, explore and geolocalize macro waste but also biodiversity.


The Platypus is a perfect craft to allow anybody to discover underwater world. You can be a diver pro or not, platypus is perfect for anyone to explore large areas of shallow waters without any limit of air or time. It is definitely the must have for tourism in the next decades! The Recreational Edition is offering all features expected for a touristic purpose, affordable in electric or gas power.


Today yachting world has to choose between tender or toy. With platypus, we offer a 2 in 1 boat, a craft able to transport guests with an amazing style or transform in a few seconds in a submarine toy affordable to anyone. The Platypus Yachting Edition is designed for yachtmen in electric or gas power.


Underwater work is growing worldwide. You are looking for a craft providing the features of a boat, a mobile exploration platform AND a working platform underwater. Here is the platypus Pro Edition, perfect for work, survey & maintenance in shallow waters.

Our company

Platypus Craft is a French company specialized in the design and marketing of innovative marine vehicles that can navigate on or under water 

The main innovation is based on an international patent of a multihull machine that can evolve indiscriminately on water or under water by moving its central part from a high to low position to be on or below the surface. 

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